Who we are:    Eco-friendly

CUBIC has included, from its start, sustainability criteria in its projects for economic reasons:

1. Reducing costs: both in energy consumption as well as in long- term maintenance during the building’s life.

2. The reduction of two potential risks: that could affect the patrimonial value and the long-term net profitability of the building: 

  • Regulation obsolescence: demands for power efficiency are growing irreversibly (thermal regulations) and materials commonly used in construction today could be considered hazardous to the environment in the future (asbestos, lead, formaldehyde…); 
  • Our constructions will increase the current net value of your building as well as its value once sold. CUBIC takes into careful consideration the building´s long-term life value. We can even demonstrate and justify your return-on-investment by doing an exact simulation.

Examples of lighting control systems used in our construction site in Lyon (2013)

Lighting regulation by daylight harvesting.
Lighting regulation by movement detection.


  • Power: Consumption control of gas and electricity and production of alternative power supplies.


  •  Water: Reducing consumption, recycling rain water and greywater.


  • Interior Environmental Quality: Comfortable lighting and temperature, reduced noise and proper hygienic conditions (air quality, non-toxic substances), which promote employee satisfaction and increase productivity, reducing absenteeism, risks and insurance costs.


  • Sustainable spaces: We provide added-value, integrating local vegetation and customs, as well as responsible transportation methods.

If   our   client   requires   it,   we   can   help   him   to   obtain   the   LEED,   HQE,   BREEAM   CERTIFICATIONS   necessary.

CUBIC can help you increase social responsibility.

We can improve the efficiency of your buildings (industrial and logistics warehouses), making them sustainable and respectful with the environment.

Certificación ISO 14001

Cubic33 tiene implantado y certificado un Sistema de Gestión Ambiental basado en UNE EN ISO 14001:2015.

Este sistema nos permite identificar y evaluar todos los riesgos e impactos ambientales con el fin de minimizarlos y gestionarlos de la mejor manera posible.

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